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In 2015 I took part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and during that time I wrote, 13th Earth – Before the Dawn. This book launched the Shattered Worlds universe which is where all of my Science Fictions stories are going to be told.

The Human race has spread among the stars, colonising worlds and prospering, in all that time not finding any other civilisations, other than ruins no other intelligent life has been found. Due to seismic activity on one of the colonies a new colony has been cleared for opening. Now the gateway connecting this new colony to the Alliance hub system is ready to be opened. Alex Tyler, captain of the Starship Defiance is present for the opening of this latest wormhole when there is an unscheduled activation of the wormhole. Shock quickly turns to terror when an unknown alien race swarms into the system destroying all in their path. Alex will have to do all he can to survive while working out why they are attacking to try and save humanity.

This piece of work is in need of several redrafts and I will be doing this as soon as i can. There is allot on at the moment.

The book above is the start of my Shattered Worlds universe and the majority of what I am going to be writing will be taking place around 350 years after the events of this book. At this time Humanity are a galactic force and founded the Interstellar Alliance. I am now currently world building for this universe planning out the races and alliances that inhabit the galaxy and how they interact with each other. From there i will start writing in the shared universe.